DuraStone is a high-pressure facer, thermo-bonded to a PVC backer material. This provides a permanent and maintenance-free option to natural stone, tile and granite in wet-wall bathroom applications.

DuraStone is impervious to water, bacteria, mold and mildew. Unlike natural stone and grout, it requires no sealants.

Benefits of DuraStone

Anti Bacterial - DuraStone panels will not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.

Ease of Installation - DuraStone standard tub surrounds can be installed in less than 3 hours with common tools, and is ready to use 24 hours after installation is complete.

Easy to maintain - DuraStone requires no sealing and its non-porous surface is easy to keep clean.

Luxurious look - DuraStone replicates the look of natural granite and marble without the cost.


DuraStone Colors

Our in stock colors are shown below, but for an additional cost other colors are available for purchase.


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DuraStone Pictures



DuraStone Trim